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Agricultural Solar PV - more

Agricultural Solar PV

As a leading UK agricultural solar PV specialist we have undertaken large scale installs on farms all over the country. more

Commercial Solar PV

As a commercial solar PV specialist we can take on commercial scale solar projects from initial consultation, to installation. more

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Save on your electricity bills and get paid to produce your own renewable energy. A typical 4kWp can yield over a 17% ROI. more

Infinite Energy News

Notable installations by Infinite Energy

December 2014
Tariff drop on the 1st January 2015 has lead to an increased number of installations, but 2015 looking healthy with 200kWp of installations on our books.

November 2014
Winter installation calendar looking busy. Notable projects include a 50kWp ground mount installation in Sussex using Corbin mounting system in one 100m length after planning approval.

September 2014
Installed a 4kWp system on a east/west roof using Solar Edge micro inverter system to optimise perforamnce and a ImmerSun system to maximise the consumption of generated power by heating water in the immersion tank. A great way to maximise the return on your PV system.

January 2014
Installed 30kWp on grain store roof and 2 x 25kWp on storage barn and grain barn.

2013 Infinite Energy Cumulative Install Update - Infinite Energy has installed a total of 1.5MW in 2013 , 98% commercial solar PV system, 2% residential. Referrals accounted for 80% of the systems installed.

December 2013
Installed 80kWp on cold store roof ahead of FiT deadline at end of 2014

September 2013
Installed 12.75kWp on Hilti angle brackets mounted on custom built frame for Sutton High School and 10kWp using Solion flat roof mounting system on bank roof in Kingston among other projects.

19/07/13 Infinite Energy in the news - Farming UK - Read about our 526kWp installation earlier this year and on Solar Power Portal

July - August 2013
Installed 100kWp in Kent among other projects

June 2013
Ahead of the June deadline we installed 200kWp including 50kWp on Popar Nurseries in Essex.

April 2013
Some of our installations in April include a 44kWp installation on asbestos rooves over a stables in Hertfordshire, 13kWp on a small workshop in Suffolk and a 70kWp in Kent for Norman Collett. These took us past the 900kWp level for installations so far in 2013.

March 2013
Completed installation of 526.5kWp system in Hertfordshire. System comprised of 2,106 Axitec Mono 250w panels spread over 3 rooves and Fronius central inverters. Installed over a 6-week period we hit our estimated completion date and so came in on-time and on-budget. Also installed a 100kWp on a grain store roof in Essex and 40kWp consisting of a 30kWp roof mounted system and a 10kWp ground mounted system in Suffolk.

January 2013
Installed 50kWp installation in Waddesdon Estates in Bucks and a large system for Norman Collett, a fruit distribution centre in Kent. Started work on a 526kWp installation in Hertfordshire spread over 3 large grain depots, our largest job to date. Now just the British winter to battle through for completion ahead of the March 31st deadline.

October - December 2012
Installed several 50kWp installs, all repeat business from previous commercial customers. At Infinite Energy we focus on installing high quality commercial solar PV systems and backing it up with excellent customer care, which is why the majority of our business comes from repeat business and referrals.

September 2012
Launched LEDChoice.co.uk, our online LED webshop. All our solar PV installations now include some free LED lamps from LEDChoice.co.uk to encourage a reduction in consumption as well as the generation of renewable power.

July 2012
Complete the installation of 175kWp solar PV system in Lincolnshire. Our biggest single install to date the system used 700 Suntech 250w panels, Fronius inverters and a Donauer mounting system. The complete installation took just 2-weeks from start to finish to complete, coming in ahead of time and on budget.

In July we passed the 1MW mark for solar PV installations, with over 80% comprising commercial solar.

June 2012
Launch the Infinite LED showroom which has a wide range of LED lighting on display including bulbs, tubes, flat panels (for suspended ceilings) high bays, floodlights etc.

May 2012
Rolled out the New ElectroPort Z as a new product to replace the ElectroPort Curve.

Sold our first ElectroPort Z to The Green Electrician who put it on show at the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power. The canopy will then be put on display at their head offices.

March 2012
Exhibited the ElectroPort Curve at EcoBuild to a huge level of interest.

February 2012
Completed 2 more 40 - 50kWp installations for Space Station, bringing the total to 205kWp over 5-sites. We have also started a roll-out of LED lighting on their sites instead of T5 fluorescent lighting.

Completed a 50kWp ground mount, as well as several large scale barn installations.

10th December 2011
Completed a 40kWp solar pv installation at a third Space Station site. This 40kWp system was also installed using Trina solar panels and a Donauer mounting system.

9th December 2011
Completed a 10kWp solar pv install at Hedingham Castle in Essex.

7th December 2011
Completed a 36kWp solar pv installation at a second Space Station site in Brentford. Using a flat roof mounting system from Donauer we optimised the system to overcome a 5 degree north-facing slope to put each solar panel at a 15 degree south facing angle.

26th November 2011
Completed a 40kWp solar pv installation on a chicken shed in Lincolnshire. The 176 Trina solar panel system was installed in just 5-days with a 5-man team. The shed houses over 20,000 free-range chickens and is fully automated and now solar powered.

18th November 2011
Complete a 50kWp solar pv installation for Space Station, a West London based storage company. The south facing, 216 Trina solar panel system was installed in 5 days with 6 men and will help Space Station cut its carbon emissions.

21st September 2011
Installed the first ElectroPort Curve. In partnership with ScrewFast we have developed and launched the Curve as a charging station for electric cars. The 2-bay curve has 15 solar panels with 3.75kWp, providing enough renewable electricity to drive a Nissan Leaf over 13,000 miles a year.

22nd July 2011 
Infinite Energy installs 28kWp commercial solar pv installation on a grain barn in Essex. The 115 Suntech solar panel system uses a Hilti mounting system with 2 SMA Tripower inverters. The system is to be used to power the drying fans for drying grain during harvest.

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